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i usually see other people's cool art and think "i could totally do cool art like that" but then i don't so i complain about it.

i post more on instagram than i do here


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110715 Jin-Michi by JazzTheRiver
110715 Jin-Michi
someone i drew a few day ago and completely fell in love.  i haven't found a name but i already have so many thoughts about 'him'. even though i call him a him he's much more ambiguous, if thats the right word. i have so many thoughts about him but i can't find the words so ill just add some of the things from my sketchbook that wrote about him. 

-EDIT 111215: (if found a name)  he has 2 first names, Jin Michi, but prefers to go by Michi.

- "I'm not really a he or a she. I'm more of an it.  Like instead of saying 'look at him' you'd say 'look at that' or instead of asking if I'm okay it'd be like 'is it okay?'...heh...yeah"(inspired by Bretmanrock on instagram) id imagine he'd say it in a more joking manner though.  It's convenient to call him a 'he' and he doesn't mind, but it really is up in the air whether he's actually a boy or girl...everyone's too embarrassed to ask. (cuz he's just too precious)

-For some reason theres always one of those unisex restrooms when/wherever he goes out/gets invited to so friends and other's can't figure him out that way.

-his birthdate (or at least the day i drew him) 11/07/15 is tattooed on his neck/throat. (i honestly just thought that was a nice place to write the date)

-Sexually ambiguous: i don't think he outwardly shows what his sexual orientation would be and hasn't really announced it.  just like his actual gender its up in the hard for others to figure it out and they never really do.

-Unisex face:  can't really tell if he looks more like a boy or girl.  he's a mashup of both...

-he also has a mashup of boy/girl features:  thin body, flat chest, toned arms, curvy legs/hips, nice butt tho thats for sure.

-you can't tell what he is from his voice either since thats also neutral.  id imagine slightly lower/deeper than the average girl's, but also slightly higher than the average boy's.

-he dresses pretty neutral too.  kinda like the way a tomboy would+nicely dressed guy/hipster(?)...that doesn't make sense.

-id imagine most people are weird on hitting on him. he's HANDSOMELY BEAUTIFUL and they can't figure out what he is and they don't want to potentially make it awkward for him (although he wouldn't really mind either way)

-the only think people are sure about is that he's cute...cuz he really is.

that's all my thoughts about him so far.  maybe ill figure out a name for him at some point. i don't know. eventually. I'm just happy to write my thoughts down
102415 wut by JazzTheRiver
102415 wut
i take my college classes online cuz i don't like the thought of taking a bus or having someone drive me to the college everyday and i just plain don't want to be around people and i don't like talking to them. i say have someone drive me because I've had my drivers license for like 3 years max and I've only driven like twice since I've gotten it and my mom and friends drive me places but thats besides the point.  last year the worse i had to do was have a couple phone conferences with my english instructor to go over my essays and i got over that but this year i have to take my algebra midterm at the college and i don't like the idea cuz i really don't wanna go cuz i m taking my classes online for a reason can i just do that? no? alright. anyway I'm supposed to call to make an appointment to take the midterm and i felt calm and confident enough to actually do it cuz i just don't do phone calls well so i tried yesterday and no one was there to answer the phone and thats stupid cuz i need your help and why won't you answer i called between several different hours in case the teller or whatever was on break and now I'm just stressed like what if they don't answer when i call on Monday. Tuesday is the only other day i can take it. i know I've kinda accepted the fact that i might just fail the class cuz math is terrible and i don't need or care about imaginary numbers, polynomials, asymptotes, synthetic division or any of that other junk ill never need in my life but i can at least make an attempt. so now I'm just as stressed as i always am and i still hate everything just slightly more right now cuz fuck my life y'know...i mean wut? 
Mushroom Head Sketch by JazzTheRiver
Mushroom Head Sketch
last night i read a thing that said if you never leave your house then mushrooms would start growing on your head.  then i added more to it today and i can't tell whether its a self portrait or now.  what i can tell is that the proportions are off and I'm making that same face right now because of allergies. i post more on insta than i do here

...i edited it some more so i changed the picture d:
15 Cats by JazzTheRiver
15 Cats
my carpets were being removed to be replaced with tile and since it took awhile for the tile to arrive i decided to try painting on the concrete while i had the chance.  i probably spent around a week doing this (since i only worked for a few hours every night) and it nearly killed me.  maybe you can tell where i started giving up.

around 2x2 feet and done with acrylic  
100115 by JazzTheRiver
TFW you wake up on the autopsy table without your heart and half your organs. the most scared and pain Edi has ever been in. i realized a few hours after i finished that this was actually my first time drawing Edi's face since she usually wears a mask. i also want to redo it in different angles/perspective but who knows if that'll actually happen

this is also the most emotion I've ever drawn. wow jazz. you go jazz.

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